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The AgLAB-1000™ series of mass spectrometers are ruggedized instruments that are designed to quickly and easily analyze complex chemical compounds found in organic plant materials.  AgLAB has concentrated its development efforts in the highly regulated cannabis and hemp markets to analyze materials, increase processing yields, and protect against contaminants.



The AgLAB-1000 C1™ detects pesticides using a swab sample trap.  The samples are introduced by swiping the swabs on the surfaces of hoppers, buckets, box liners, or super sacks.

The AgLAB-1000 C1™ protects against cross-contamination from one batch to the next.  It can also be used to assess clean-up and sterilization fees caused by pesticide-contaminated crops.

AgLAB 1000-C1.png
Pesticide Testing

AgLAB-1000-C1™ is used to accurately detect U.S. and Canadian regulated pesticides using a swab trap.

Samples are collected using a swab this is used to collect residual plant material from surfaces including buckers, super sacks (hemp), tabletops, and box liners (cannabis).

Accurately determine the pesticide contamination drift range.

Stop cross-contamination.


Upcharge for clean-up of pesticide contamination.  (hemp)


  • Detects pesticides

  • Simple swab sampling

  • Simple to use

  • Continuous library updates

  • Tamper-proof results

  • SMS alerts

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