The AgLAB-1000™ series of mass spectrometers are ruggedized instruments that are designed to quickly and easily analyze complex chemical compounds found in organic plant materials.  AgLAB has concentrated its development efforts in the highly regulated cannabis and hemp markets to analyze materials, increase processing yields, and protect against contaminants.



The AgLAB-1000 D1™ distillation control system provides in-situ chemical analysis and control using the post-processed gas stream.  The system is designed to either provide manual feedback or interface with the Programmable Logic Controler (PLC) continual automatic adjustment of the control parameters (temperature, pressure, duration, flow) throughout the distillation process.  This is a breakthrough technology providing pharmaceutical consistency, repeatability, and purity in real-time.

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Automated Processing

AgLAB-1000-D1™ provides real-time process control resulting in maximum processing yields.


The AgLAB-1000-D1™ provides the crucial information needed to maximize the production of the targeted cannabinoid in real-time.

The AgLAB-1000-D1™ is able to take control of the Programable Logic Controller (PLC) and provide full autonomous control (temp, vacuum, feed) of the distillation process while maximizing yields.


  • In-situ yield optimized processing

  • PLC molecular control

    • ​​Temperature zones​

    • Vacuum

    • Feed/Flow rate

  • Targeted cannabinoid processing

    • CBD​

    • THC

  • Valuable process analytics


The AgLAB-1000 D2™ distillation control system uses a sample swab to introduce interim process samples and provides the feedback needed to manually adjust the processing parameters (temperature, pressure, and feed/flow) for maximum yields, consistency, and repeatable pharmaceutical grade products.

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Pharmaceutical Processing

The AgLAB-1000-D2™ provides processed oil sample testing for targeted cannabinoids with near instant (45 sec.) processing yield efficiency feedback.


The AgLAB-1000-D2™ eliminates the need to use the cumbersome, slow and expensive HPLC. 

The AgLAB-1000-D2™ is ideal for setting the processing parameters (temp, vacuum, feed) for exact and maximum yield process control.


  • Maximizes product yield

  • Provides optimal control settings

  • Little training required

  • Eliminates the guesswork

  • Valuable processing analytics

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