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AgLAB Offers Income Solutions

AgLAB is a company of engineers, scientists and skilled professionals that have created breakthrough technologies that have proven to increase  customer's profits. This is achieved by using the proprietary AgLAB technology that maximizes both the potency/weight yields of the distilled hemp (CBD) and cannabis (THC) oils by as much as 50%. 

The manufacturing of CBD and THC oils require the use of a short path Molecular Distillation Systems (MDS) that separates the cannabinoids from the extracted crude oil.  MDS equipment uses high-vacuum (10-3 mbar) allowing for lower processing temperatures which protects the valuable oils from heat damage and losses.  And while the vacuum is very beneficial, maintaining a constant vacuum is impossible.  Vacuum and temperature are 100% correlated and the constant fluctuations in any MDS vacuum causes temperatures to vary causing potency and ending-weight yields to be expensively less.

The Maximum Value Process (MVP) method uses the AgLAB-1000-D2 to provide the operator with instant analytics throughout the distillation process.  The analytical information is then used by the operator to adjust the MDS parameters such as heat, cooling, feed-rate and wiper speed (thin-film), which maximizes the potency, ending-weight yields, color, and profits.

The AgLAB-1000 technology was developed with
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